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Best Camping Mattresses Australia

Every one of us looks to get out and about, every now and then. A little adventure, an annual vacation does us good both mentally and physically. Camping is one classic way to do just that.

Imagine yourself at the end of an all-day hike, bone-tired, all you want is to crash on a mattress and sleep like a baby. Much to your dismay, your mattress feels all squishy and uncomfortable and you wake up still tired and red-eyed. This goes on for the entirety of your trip. That wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience, would it?

How about if you could have a comfortable sleep every night and wake up refreshed and ready to go? Now, that would be sweet.

Just so you don’t have to go through the hell of a terrible camping mattress, we have listed 15 of the best camping mattresses for you right down below.

List of Best Camping Mattresses

The following is a list of the best camping mattresses in Australia. All of the entries are well-deserved and competitive.

  1. Aerobed Active Bed
  2. Intex Dura-Beam Air Bed with Built-in Pump
  3. Coleman All Terrain Double High
  4. OZtrail Leisure Self Inflating Mat
  5. Coleman Quickbed
  6. Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus Ultralight Self Inflating Pad
  7. Zempire Monstamat Self Inflating Camping Mattress
  8. Sea to Summit Camp Mat
  9. Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
  10. OZtrail Swag Mat Camping Foam Mattress
  11. Hikenture Ultra Light Sleeping Mat
  12. ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad
  13. Naturehike Nylon TPU Sleeping Air Pad
  14. Caribee Air Bed Double Velour
  15. Wellax Ultralight Self Insulating Sleeping Pad for Camping

Factors to Consider

Just like it is with any other mattress or any other product, for that matter, buying a camping mattress that suits you requires you to consider some important factors.

Only when you have these factors in mind can you make an informed decision. 


Of course, there is not a single camping mattress that works for everybody. That is why they have various types for you to choose from. Your selection should totally depend upon your individual preferences.

Here are three of the commonest kinds of camping mattresses:

Self-inflating Mattress

A self-inflating camping mattress is filled with air by itself without your having to lift a finger.

Essentially, they consist of a foam layer in an airtight exterior shell that is connected to a valve. That valve is closed when the mattress is rolled and, hence, contains no air. However, once it is unrolled and the valve opens, the air is rapidly sucked into it. Once it is completely inflated, the valve is closed.

One great attribute of self-inflating camping mattresses is their cushier and firmer feel. Unlike air bed mattresses, you don’t feel as if you are on a “waterbed”. The mattress does not move under you when you turn and toss one way or another.

Self-inflating mattresses are available in all sizes and dimensions, ranging from narrow lightweights such as inflatable mats to larger and heavier varieties. The former is a better option for hikers and backpackers while the latter should be preferred by car campers.

Even though you don’t really expect comfort from a camping mattress, the self-inflating ones give you a homely comfort.

However, they are also heavier and more expensive than their counterparts. 

Nevertheless, they are their money’s worth and more for people with bad backs and for side sleepers.

Foam Camping Mat / Pad

Another great option for our fellow campers is simple camping foam pads. 

They vary from a basic mat to something quite like the mattress you have back home.

Their simplicity is the main selling point. All you need to do is to unroll one and your bed is ready for you. There is no need to turn red trying to inflate it or waiting for it to do that by itself (self-inflate).

It is important to note that cheaper foam mats are usually too thin to provide any support and comfort.

On the high end, very comfortable foam mattresses are just too big and too heavy from an outdoor adventurer’s point of view.

The most important thing is to strike a balance.

Air Mattress

An air mattress is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about camping mattresses. You have to puff air into it with your mouth (it is just as enjoyable as it sounds) or employ a good, ol’ air pump.

Across the board, packed air mattresses are lighter and take up a smaller space as compared to self-inflating camping mattresses. They are also much cheaper. 

However, air mattresses are also much less comfortable and give you the “waterbed” feeling. They just move too much under you. 

Additionally, they also lose air every day and you are required to inflate them over and over again.


Unlike the mattress you buy for your bedroom, even top-rated camping mattresses don’t really have standard dimensions and sizes.

 It is always better to check the mattress out for yourself before buying it.

To find the mattress size best for you, consider your own physical dimensions. For example, taller and heavier individuals require additional space. 

You should also take into account the size of your tent. Believe me, you don’t want to buy a big, comfortable mattress and, then, find out that you are going to have to spend your night under the stars because you can’t get it into your sleeping tent. 


Just like for any other mattress, comfort is the most important variable to consider when buying a camping mattress.

However, it varies from person to person, based on personal preferences. Some people prefer firmer ones while others sleep like a baby on softer surfaces.

It is advised to research what a particular mattress has to offer and how it lines up with your requirements. You should stick to the mantra “try before buy”. Check the mattress out by lying on it for a while, just like you do for your regular mattress.

The comfort of the camping mattress has a lot to do with its thickness. As a rule of thumb, thicker mattresses are more comfortable. Hence, if you are not on a tight budget, always opt for the thicker option.

R-value (Protection From Cold)

Another thing to consider, when buying a camping mattress, is its resistance value.  

The resistance value is a measure of the protection that the mattress will give you from the chilly ground below. It depends on the thickness and insulation of the mattress.

The greater the R-value, the better the protection from the cold. 

This isn’t a big issue for a typical camping trip during the summer but is a significant variable if you intend to camp outdoors in the winter.

The following is a rough breakdown of the R-value range you should look for based on the season:

  • Summer camping: 1 to 3
  • Very cold winter: Above 5
  • Intervening months: 3 to 5

Weight and Packability

The only factors that come anywhere near the importance of comfort for a camping mattress are its weight and packability.

While that might not matter much if you are searching for a car camping mattress, it is of paramount importance for hikers or even people with a small car. 

You need to know how compact your packed mattress will be and the space that it is going to occupy. Similarly, hikers (who always look to lighten the load they carry) would do well to consider the weight of their mattresses. After all, there is no harm in giving up a bit of comfort for some well-needed convenience.


Your budget will go a long way towards helping you narrow down your choices.

The price of camping mattresses ranges from a measly $20 to hundreds of dollars.

If you are hunting for a thicker and more comfortable mattress, it is going to come with a heftier price tag. With that said, there is an abundance of options at more reasonable rates too. You should be able to find a mattress with decent comfort and an affordable price.

Best Camping Mattress Reviews (Details)

Here’s a rundown on the best camping mattresses available online.

1. Aerobed Active Bed


 Credit: aerobed

The Aerobed Active Bed is a great car camping air mattress. If you want a blow-up mattress that comes in different sizes (Single, Double, and Queen), this is just the one for you.

This camping mattress both inflates and deflates quickly. Its strong and rechargeable dual power (NiCad+ DC) electric pump does the job for you.

Moreover, a system of 18 coils improves your sleep quality by dispersing the air.

At 6kg, this camping mattress is not for someone searching for a feather-light mattress or for backpackers and hikers. However, for a car camping family trip, it works just fine.

2. Intex Dura-Beam Air Bed with Built-in Pump


 Credit: Intex

If the price is your biggest consideration while buying a suitable camping mattress, look no further than Intex Dura-Beam Air Bed. Conveniently, it comes in both Twin and Queen sizes.

With a combination of great features and an affordable price tag, it is a formidable contender for the title of the best camping mattress.

This air bed is built-in with a foot pump. It means that you won’t have to either buy or pack a pump separately.

The mattress top is a plush velvety surface that minimizes slipping and adds quite a bit of comfort. Additionally, its Fibre-Tech interior prevents any bumps. It also maintains consistent air pressure.

As if this were not enough, it has a waterproof surface too.

This tough air bed is a perfect fit for the rugged outdoors. Its useful features and attractive price make it one of the best camping mattresses in the market.

3. Coleman All Terrain Double High 


Credit: Coleman

If you are in search of a light and compact mattress without compromising on comfort, this inflatable mattress deserves your vote.

The Coleman All Terrain Double High camping mattress has a unique Puncture Guard fabric. It reduces the chances of a puncture by 47%. Moreover, it is 30% lighter than your average PVC inflatable mattress.

A coil system adds to the comfort by equal distribution of the air inside the mattress.

For transport purposes, all you have to do is roll this light (3.8 kg) mattress up and you’re good to go.

It also has an extra height option for people who are searching for a higher lie.

All of the cool features stated above make this Queen mattress truly one of the royal entries on this list. 

4. OZtrail Leisure Self Inflating Mat


 Credit: OZtrail

If you are after the best self-inflating mattress with premium features and don’t mind a bigger price tag, the OZtrail Leisure Self Inflating Mat is right down your lane.

This great camping mattress comes in Double, Queen, and King sizes.

It has a valve that inflates the mattress before you know it. Interestingly, even if the valve (which is two-way) opens by accident while you’re asleep, the mattress does not deflate and your beauty sleep continues undisturbed.

The velour fabric outer layer feels cool and is easy to clean. The mattress also features a dense foam (with open cell technology) that gives you a homely comfort and a considerable degree of support.

A repair kit and storage straps add to the convenience.

At 8kg, it is certainly not the lightest of the lot. However, it is a good option if you value comfort above all else or are going for a camping trip in your car.

5. Coleman Quickbed


Credit: Coleman

The Coleman Quickbed is one of the most comfortable air mattresses on this list. It is so good that you can even use it at home.

Its top layer contains rayon and its antimicrobial fabric resists the growth of any mold and development of any odor. Both of which are big concerns when it comes to sleeping outdoors in the open.

Along with the tough PVC used in its production, this air mattress contains a supportive coil system that maintains equal air distribution. Its air pump inflates and deflates it quite rapidly.

While this air mattress comes in Single, Double, and Queen size, the latter is a particularly great option for couples looking to buy a spacious mattress.

6. Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus Ultralight Self Inflating Pad


  Credit: Thermarest

For people hunting for a fine self-inflating camping mattress that is light enough for backpacking and hiking, the Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus Ultralight Self Inflating Pad is an excellent choice.

It weighs less than 1 kg, so you won’t even register to carry additional weight. This is thanks to its tapered design that minimizes any additional weight.

Moreover, its 3.2 R-value makes it suitable for 3 seasons. The self-inflating foam keeps you cozy throughout the night. That it is available in small, regular and large sizes only adds to your convenience and helps you to get the best one for you.

Its repair kit and carry bag can also come in handy.

Simply put, if you want a top-notch camping mat, get yourself the Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus Ultralight Self Inflating Pad.

7. Zempire Monstamat Self Inflating Camping Mattress


  Credit: zempire

If you are searching for a quality thermal camping mattress that doesn’t necessarily need to be the lightest mattress around the block, you’ll love the Zempire Monstamat Self Inflating mattress. It is offered in Single, King Single, and Twin sizes.

Standing at 10 cm tall, it is made of a fully bonded foam (that is antibacterial) and is supported by a durable base. Once you open the valve, it inflates by itself without you having to do anything. The thick foam keeps the cold out effectively so that you can rest easy. With a remarkable R-value (9.5), it can be trusted even in the harshest of winters.

While it is considerably heavier (at 5 kg) than other self-inflating options which can be a problem for hikers, it is a great option for all the car campers out there.

8. Sea to Summit Camp Mat



If you want a self-inflating, lightweight mattress, the Sea to Summit Camp Mat ought to be the first thing that comes to your mind.

Having 4.2 for its R-value means that this mattress is suitable for most conditions and seasons. It has actually been designed with Australia’s rough terrain in mind. Hence, you can be confident in getting a quality camping mattress.

This remarkable mattress rises 3.8cm above ground level. Its unique technology allows for a reduction of 20% of its bulk and weight without its comfort taking a hit. Its anti-slip top prevents instances of slipping when you don’t have any flat ground to put your mattress on. Regular campers know how often that happens.

The Sea to Summit Camp Mat gets excellent reviews. It is a fine choice if you want your mattress to be both stable and lightweight (1.15kg). Most users enjoy the comfort it provides.

9. Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self Inflating Sleeping


  Credit: Exped

The Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self Inflating Sleeping Pad is for people looking to buy a quality inflatable mattress that also gives you some additional comfort. It is something of a hybrid design with a mat that can be inflated.

You can pump in some extra air to get more height off the ground. The minipump that does that also allows you to adjust the firmness to your requirement. 

An R-value of 9.5 ensures that the mattress can bear the extremes of winter.

Most users have declared it to be a top-quality self-inflating mattress. However, that quality also means that this mattress is a tad more expensive than its more average counterparts. Nevertheless, it is well worth the investment if your trip isn’t a one-off.

That the mat is free from hazardous chemicals is an added bonus.

The Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self Inflating Sleeping Pad is also much lighter (at 2.7 kg) than other pads. That is because of its inflatable element.

It comes in Single, Single wide, and Medium sizes. Choose the one you like and camp away!

10. OZtrail Swag Mat Camping Foam Mattress


Credit: OZtrail

The OZtrail Swag Mat Camping Foam is a simple foam pad mattress that provides warmth and comfort. It is a solid option for someone searching for a simple product, with no fancy stuff attached, that gets the job done.

This foam mattress pad boasts a thickness of 7.5cm and does well to distance you from the cold ground. The foam itself is also a naturally heat-retaining material.

Furthermore, the moisture-resistant fabric of its base prevents the dampness from seeping into the mattress foam. There is no need to fret, it is also easy to clean. Finally, a breathable cotton/poly top sits atop it all.

At 4 kg, it is not the most convenient camping mattress for hikers, but a great option for a car camping trip.

11. Hikenture Ultralight Sleeping Mat


Credit: Hikenture

If you are looking for an ideal lightweight camping mattress for hikers and backpackers, you have come to the right place. The material is durable and comfortable to sleep. 

Considering how thin it is (5.5cm), it is amazingly warm. However, with an R-value of 1.3, it is not suitable for harsher winters.

The 20D Nylon fiber and TPU coat give it strength and durability. It is also waterproof and noiseless.

At less than 480g, it is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping.

Simply put, it is among the best camping products out there.

12. ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad



 If you want a camping mattress that is compact and lightweight while also being comfortable to sleep on, go with this one.

This 10cm thick mattress insulates you from the cold, hard ground underneath it. Its R-value of 4 also makes it a great choice for outdoor activities in all seasons of the year.

The 75D polyester pongee fabric with PVC lamination makes it one of the most durable mattresses on this list. As a matter of fact, this is the same material that is used for military parachutes.

The fun doesn’t just end there. This camping mattress weighs just over a kilogram which makes it easy to carry for all kinds of activities. It can even be used for non-camping purposes as an additional sleeping surface at home or at the office.

13. Naturehike Nylon TPU Sleeping Air Pad


 Credit: Naturehike

One of the commonest complaints about camping mattresses is air leakage and the poor quality of material used. People searching for a mattress that overcomes these weaknesses should buy this one.

This camping mattress is made with 20D Nylon and has a TPU seal coating. Thanks to these materials, it is among the most durable and resilient mattresses on this list. It is water-proof and ultralight along with being tear-resistant.

Its specially designed square air cells provide you with superior comfort and insulation from the ground underneath.

With a thickness of 6.5 centimeters and a forgivable weight, this mattress is one hell of a choice for hikers, hunters, and backpackers.

14. Caribee Air Bed Double Velour


Credit: Caribee

This self-inflating camping mattress is the best double air bed on this list and a hit with couples.

It has a velvety top that gives sleepers a lush comfort. Moreover, it is waterproof and anti-slipping. This means that you can expect a stable surface to support you for the whole night.

The Caribee Air Bed Double Velour mattress is also among the thickest entries on this list. This feature gives the sleeper a great cushion from the cold ground but also makes the mattress bulky and suitable for car campers.

15. Wellax Ultralight Self Insulating Sleeping Pad for Camping


Credit: Wellax Outdoors

We close this list with the best self-inflating camping mattress that you can find. It is something of a hybrid mattress and gives you the best of both worlds.

Its unique design features half air and half foam. The materials used are tear-resistant and waterproof. Unlike most camping mattresses, it has great motion isolation which is craved by couples.

Inflating is also pretty easy with only a few breaths required to get it into its optimum shape.

Standing at 7 cm high, it provides a sufficient distance from the ground below. It also adds to the comfort which, by camping mattress standards, is luxurious.

With an R-value of 3.8, it is a camping mattress for 3 seasons. This is extraordinary, given that it weighs only 0.75 kg. The warmth to weight ratio is very, very good.

To sum up, it is a great choice for all kinds of campers. You can be on a soul-searching sojourn or on a daredevil hike, you can be a bachelor expanding his horizons or a couple sharing their joy, the Wellax Ultralight Self Insulating Sleeping Pad for Camping will take good care of you.


Camping and adventuring into the unknown might have its thrill but it is always better to know what you’re going to crash on, exhausted, in the evening. A mattress guide can go a long way towards ensuring that you get your well-deserved shut-eye even when you’re camping. We hope that this helped. Sleep tight!

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