IKEA Mattress Review: Does the Price Make up for Everything Else

The IKEA mattresses are the lightning rods for criticism in the mattress world. They bring out strong emotions on both sides. The opponents dismiss them as knockoffs and wannabes while supporters consider them to be a practical and functional choice.

Among those who think that buying a mattress isn’t as big of an issue as it’s made up to be and that changing it every now and then contributes to healthy exercise, the IKEA mattresses are a big winner.

True to its reputation, the company offers the most affordable range of mattresses available anywhere in the market. It combines this with long trial and warranty periods to woo its customers. With durability and lack of comfort as the major criticisms, as your mattress guide, we intend to help you find out if this line of mattresses is worth your attention.

Mattress Options at IKEA

The IKEA mattresses are available for all kinds of sleepers. You may love the memory foam’s contour, the latex’s eco-friendly pressure relief of the friendly bounce of springs—IKEA caters to you all and that too at amazingly low prices.

Here are the different options available to you.


Here are the best foam options offered by IKEA:

  • Morgedal
  • Minnesund
  • Meistervik
  • Matrand
  • Myrbacka


Here are the latex options by Ikea:

  • Matrand
  • Myrbacka
  • Morgongava


Finally, here are the spring mattress options by Ikea:

  • Hasvåg
  • Hesstun
  • Hidrasund
  • Haugesund
  • Haugsvär
  • Hjellestad
  • Holmsbu
  • Husvika

IKEA Mattress Dimensions

The IKEA mattresses are available in a limited number of sizes. They, along with their dimensions, are listed as follows:

  • Twin: 38″ x 75″
  • Full: 53” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80

IKEA Mattresses Reviews

Let’s consider each mattress individually and go over their salient features:

Foam Mattresses

This category includes both memory and polyfoam mattress options. The memory foam is known for the classic contouring and pressure-relieving properties. The polyfoam varies in firmness based on its density, with dense and resilient foams available along with the regular ones.

Let’s briefly review the mattresses in this category:


Ikea Morgedal Mattress

                                              Credit: IKEA

This is a two-layered polyfoam mattress. The upper layer is a softer polyfoam that also gives the cooling effect while the base layer is made up of a firmer foam that provides structural stability. It comes with medium-firm and firm options and is prone to sagging. It is priced at $249.


Ikea Minnesund Mattress

Credit: IKEA

This is a very thin mattress (only 4 inches thick). Essentially, it is a piece of firm foam that should only be used on a temporary basis. It may be a good guest mattress and is priced at $149.


Ikea Meistervik Mattress


  Credit: IKEA

This is similar to the Minnesund mattress but is an inch thicker. It also comes with two foam layers with the upper layer having a bit of contouring. Regardless, it is still a very firm mattress that should be used sparingly. Considered better for children, it is an inexpensive ($179) option for a sleepover.


Ikea Matrand Mattress


 Credit: IKEA

This is a firm memory foam mattress. Yup, you heard that right. That firmness is produced by the polyfoam support base under the memory foam top. Issues with temperature regulation and comfort have been reported. It is priced at $349.


Ikea Myrbacka Mattress

Credit: IKEA

This foam mattress with a memory foam top and polyfoam base is quite similar to the Matrand mattress. However, it is also better than that on two counts:

Firstly, it has a thicker memory foam layer that improves comfort. Secondly, the lambswool improves temperature regulation.

Resultantly, it also has a medium firm feel (with a 10-inch thickness).

It features zoned support that makes it softer under the shoulders and hips and improves spinal alignment.

It is also available with a synthetic latex top rather than the memory foam which makes this variant more responsive.

It is priced at $429

Latex Mattresses

Latex can be both natural or synthetic. Most of the time, it comes from tree sap. That makes it one of the most eco-friendly mattress materials. On top of that, it also comes with great pressure-relieving properties.

Unlike memory foam, it also provides some bounce and responsiveness that makes it both well and widely loved among different types of sleepers. IKEA also gives us some good latex options that are infused with cotton, coconut and/or wool. Let’s have a look at them.


The Matrand mattress combines 85% natural latex with 15% synthetic latex. It boasts pressure relief along with great spinal support. The areas around the shoulders and hips are softer that helps to relieve pain. With a medium firmness, it works for a variety of sleeping positions. You’ll be surprised to know how little it costs ($349).

Ikea Latex Matrand Mattress


Credit: IKEA


Ikea latex Myrbacka Mattress


Credit: IKEA

The Myrbacka mattress combines a latex top with a polyfoam support base. At nearly 10 inches thick and with a medium firmness, it is among the most comfortable mattresses on offer.

The lambswool and holes in the mattress allow for greater airflow and cooler sleep. This attractive combination comes at the jaw-dropping price of $429.


Ikea latex Morgongava Mattress

Credit: IKEA

The Morgongava mattress is the most expensive IKEA mattress on offer. It is priced at $999. The synthetic latex top is supported by a polyfoam base that achieves a medium firm feel liked by most sleepers. It also ensures a cool and dry sleep for its customers.

The superior quality of materials can be expected to provide it with more durability than other IKEA mattresses. All things considered, it is a mattress with great features that provide good value for your money.

Spring Mattresses

The spring mattresses are the traditional mattress type. They are known for their familiar bounce and cool support. Usually, a spring base is covered with a foam top of varying density and thickness. The springs themselves can be microsprings or pocketed springs.

They are better at reducing motion transfer while keeping the supportive bounce of the springs intact.

Let’s look at the spring mattresses that IKEA has to offer.


Ikea Spring Hasvåg Mattress

Credit: IKEA

This is the prototypical spring mattress. It features a polyfoam comfort layer on top and a spring base under it. The springs in it are interconnected (Bonnell springs). It is nearly 8 inches thick (which is quite thick for IKEA mattresses) and is considered to be medium firm.

However, like many other IKEA mattresses, it is also considered to be too firm and uncomfortable by many. It comes at a breezy $199.


Ikea Spring Hesstun Mattress

Credit: IKEA

The Hesstun mattress is an attempt to match up to mainstream spring hybrid mattresses. A considerable amount of effort has been put in its architecture.

It starts off with two comfort polyfoam layers. Next up are two spring layers. One consists of minipocketed springs while the other one has the typical, larger pocketed springs. To seal the deal, there is another layer of polyfoam to serve as the base of the entire structure. At nearly 13 inches, it is almost thick enough to pass as a standard spring mattress.

You also have two firmness options (medium and firm) to choose from.

The commonest complaint about this traditional hybrid mattress is of heat retention and sagging. It comes with a nice $499 price tag.


Ikea Spring Hidrasund Mattress

Credit: IKEA

The Hidrasund is among the best IKEA mattresses. It contained two layers of pocketed springs along with natural materials such as latex, cotton and wool. It has 5 comfort zones that tend to different areas of your body. It is designed to be used on one side only and isn’t flippable. As it is a firm mattress, it doesn’t work as well for lighter individuals or people looking for a softer top. At $649, it is a great overall package.


Ikea Spring Mattress Haugesund

Credit: IKEA

The Haugesund mattress comes with two polyfoam layers and a layer of pocketed springs. The pocketed springs are individually wrapped. That allows for greater motion isolation and is a plus for couples. With a medium firmness and $249 price tag, it is a good option for you.


Ikea Spring Mattress Haugsvär


Credit: IKEA

The 11-inch thick Haugsvär mattress is thicker than the Haugesund. It comes with 3 layers of polyfoam with pocketed coils sandwiched in between them. The polyfoam layers are supposed to add cushioning comfort to this medium firm mattress while the pocketed springs bring the familiar responsiveness and bounce. It is priced at an astonishing $399.


Ikea Spring Mattress Hjellestad


Credit: IKEA

It is among the thickest IKEA mattresses. It boasts pocketed springs, polyfoam and a memory foam pillowtop. The memory foam pillowtop gives it some appreciated plushness.

Next up are 2 polyfoam layers that add a measure of support to the soft memory foam layer on top. They are followed by minipocketed springs and pocketed springs. Finally, a polyfoam base serves as the support base to all of the structure above.

This ridiculously low-priced ($699) mattress is brought down only by issues regarding its, you guessed it, durability and firmness.


Ikea Spring Mattress Holmsbu

Credit: IKEA

The Holmsbu is the thickest IKEA spring/hybrid mattress. It has a six-layered structure that aims for absolute comfort. The top is memory foam followed by a layer of minipocketed springs. Then, there is a polyfoam layer that also sits on mini pocketed springs. After that is a layer of pocketed springs. Finally, there is a polyfoam base.

It is medium-firm and has a price of $799. It is an excellent purchase for most sleepers that gives great comfort at a, all things considered, small price.


Ikea Spring Mattress Husvika

Credit: IKEA

This mattress is only available in twin size and shouldn’t be used by anyone unless you literally have to sleep on the floor. The $120 price tag fails to be the saving grace of this uncomfortable and firm mattress.

Trial Period and Return Policy

The IKEA mattresses come with the most generous trial periods on the market. Most brands offer a 100-night time bracket—IKEA more than triples that. With a 365-night trial period, you can rest easy and test it for as long as you wish.

If, at any point, you feel that it just isn’t working for you, you can use the return policy. All of your money is refunded. Just give the company a call and they’ll arrange the pickup for you and notify you of the charges.


The IKEA mattresses come with a mouth-watering 25-year warranty. While it is limited to defects in materials and workmanship, that is what most companies cover.

Delivery and Unpacking

For IKEA mattresses, delivery is not free. At checkout, you are given an estimated time of delivery. Usually, the processing takes up to 2 days but it can take longer.

IKEA partners with Common Carrier or UPS Ground to deliver its products. The delivery charges start from $59 and vary according to the distance of delivery point from the IKEA store.

With a 4-hour delivery window, you don’t have to waste a whole day waiting for your mattress to be delivered. Moreover, the delivery isn’t limited to the doorstep and you’ll have help getting the mattress inside.

Once delivered, unpacking is as easy as opening a packet of crisps. The mattress takes upto 72 hours to inflate. After that, you are free to use it.

Best for

As there is no single best mattress for everyone, we’ll take the IKEA mattresses category by category and tell you the requirements that can be fulfilled by them:


You should choose an IKEA foam mattress if you are looking for one or more of the following:

  • A mattress with a firm feel.
  • A temporary-use mattress.
  • A memory foam mattress that doesn’t cost a fortune.


Buy an IKEA latex mattress if you are looking for the following:

  • A medium firm mattress.
  • A mattress with good temperature regulation.
  • Good motion isolation
  • A hypoallergenic mattress.
  • An environment-friendly product.


Choose a spring mattress if:

  • You want more bounce and responsiveness.
  • You want a firmer mattress.
  • You want a thicker mattress.
  • You want good edge support

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve run through all of the IKEA mattresses one by one, let’s summarise the general pros and cons of an IKEA mattress:


Here are the upsides:

  • The mattresses are ridiculously cheap.
  • Different varieties (spring, polyfoam, memory foam and latex) are available.
  • The 365-day trial period is longer than most companies offer.
  • The 25-year warranty.
  • Seamless delivery and returns.


Here are the drawbacks that plague these mattresses:

  • There are serious concerns about their longevity.
  • Most mattresses are too firm.
  • They are not suitable for lightweight individuals or those who like soft surfaces.
  • Delivery is not free.


IKEA is an extraordinarily affordable mattress brand. If you don’t require your mattress search to go like a Disney fairy-tale and can manage without a mattress that is the “stuff of dreams”, it is just the thing for you. As always, sleep tight!

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