Purple Mattress Review: Is It The One You Are Looking For (2023)

While most mattresses can be easily categorised into the 2 or 3 common mattress categories, there are also those that break the mould. Every once in a while, a maverick comes along to shake things up and turn everything on its head. The Purple mattress is one such product.

purple mattress review

Credit: Purple

Its distinctive feel is based on a special design that makes it stand out among a crowd of mattresses that don’t really differ much from each other. This unusual mattress is made for those who want more than just the average from their mattress.

As your mattress guide, we are going to break it down for you. In this article, we shall discuss everything about the Original Purple mattress.


The Original Purple mattress owes its distinctive feel to its proprietary design and materials used for construction. It’s time to take a peek under the covers and find out what makes it one the best products on the market.

Cover: Purple SoftFlex cover is thin and breathable. It hugs the gel grid underneath while being stretchy enough. Simply put, it does its job and protects the mattress without interfering in the performance of the mattress itself.

Purple Grid: This is the first comfort layer. It’s essentially the layer around which all the structure revolves; the linchpin. It creates the Purple mattress feel that has won over the hearts of sleepers far and wide. 

This 2-inch polymer layer is made of a hyperelastic gel that maintains firmness at rest and becomes responsive when you apply a certain amount of pressure on it. This creates the unusual combination of pressure relief and support that is not found in most mattresses. 

The edges of the grid are encased by foam that improves the overall edge support of the mattress.

Soft foam: This is the secondary comfort layer that lies under the Purple Grid and adds more pressure relief.

Base: The base formed by a supportive and firm foam that adds stability to the overall structure.


The Original Purple mattress is available in all the popular sizes. They are listed as follows:

  • Twin (38 x 75 x 9.25)
  • Twin XL (38 x 80 x 9.25)
  • Full (54 x 76 x 9.25)
  • Queen (60 x 80 x 9.25)
  • King (76 x 80 x 9.25)
  • California King (72 x 84 x 9.25)
  • Split King (76 x 80 x 9.25)

Thickness and Weight

Purple mattress size and firmness

Credit: Purple

The thickness of the Original Purple mattresses remains consistent across all sizes at 9.25 inches. The weight varies from 35 Kg (Twin) to 64 Kg (California King). Hence, you’d be well-advised to have help for hauling it to your bedroom.

Quality of Material

While it is unusual in design and feel, the Original Purple mattress maintains high standards of quality. The two foam layers have CertiPUR-US certification which ensures that dangerous heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, and VOCs (along with other dangerous chemicals) are not a part of the construction.

The mattress also holds a 10-year warranty which is a testament to the company’s confidence in the durability of its product.


Firmness is among the most important factors deciding your comfort level on a mattress. While the mattress material does play a part, it also depends on the type and weight of the sleeper.

With a score of 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, the Original Purple mattress falls right on the most popular firmness setting; medium firm. This means that the mattress is suitable for a variety of sleepers with back sleepers enjoying it the most.

Heavier side sleepers also enjoy the pressure relief for their shoulders and hips. However, very heavy individuals (over 300 pounds) should think twice before opting for this baby.

Pricing Summary

Here is the breakdown of current prices of different sizes of the Original Purple mattress:

  • Twin: $574 
  • Twin XL: $749
  • Full: $949
  • Queen: $1049
  • King: $1349
  • California King : $1349
  • Split King: $1498

Discount codes and sale seasons are often advertised at the company website.

Delivery and Unpacking

The delivery and unpacking process is easy and uncomplicated. Once you order the mattress, it takes 3-5 days to leave the warehouse and a further 3-5 days to reach your address (this timeline can vary). The delivery is made through FedEx. Whiteglove delivery isn’t available for the Original Purple mattress.

The mattress is delivered packed in a Purple tube that is vacuum-sealed and has handles for carrying it easily. Unpacking is as easy as opening a packet of crisps. 

Just open the tube and take out the mattress. Next, put it on the bed frame and take off the vinyl cover on it. Within 30 minutes, your mattress will be magically inflated and you’ll be able to have the best sleep ever.

The Feel

The Original Purple mattress is unlike any other mattress that you’ve ever slept on. It is firm and supportive but also provides pressure relief by sinking when weight is applied. The result is that the areas that need a bit of responsiveness (your shoulders, hips and back) get it while the rest of the body enjoys a quiet and firm comfort.

Overall Comfort

In the mattress universe, comfort is king. However, it is not simply down to a single factor. Quite to the contrary, a whole host of variables influence how much you enjoy sleeping on one.

So, let’s jump right in and find out if the Original Purple mattress is the one for you or not:

Firmness: It has a medium firmness (6.5/10) which is perfect for back sleepers. The pressure-associated sinking makes it a good option for heavy side sleepers, too. For very heavy individuals, it may just not be firm enough.

Temperature Regulation: Usually, foam mattresses aren’t the best when it comes to maintaining temperature and keeping the heat out. However, the Purple brand is based on standing up to such characterisations. After all, it is anything but a typical mattress.

Sleepers have reported having cool and dry sleeps. Even hot sleepers and people living in swampy areas of the globe have testified to its temperature regulating capabilities. This is all thanks to the gel Purple Grid which does a great job.

Edge Support: The Original Purple mattresses also have good edge support because the Purple Grid is reinforced by a sheet of foam running along the edges. It means that this mattress is a good choice for people with disabilities and mobility issues.

Motion Isolation: Sadly, the motion isolation for this mattress isn’t as great as most couples would like. The responsive and bouncy nature of the Purple Grid is to blame for that.

Durability: This mattress can be trusted to last for a long time. The polymer-based Purple Grid and the foam layers are resilient and provide consistent performance over the years.


While the Original Purple mattress is built to give you the best sleep of your life, it is also built to last. Armed with a 10-year warranty and a durable Purple Grid, it is worth every penny you pay. You can forget about buying a new mattress again for the better part of the next decade.


The Original Purple mattress holds CertiPUR-US certification and contains a very small quantity of VOCs which ensures that it is non-toxic. There is a smell associated with the new mattress, however, the company maintains that it is not due to offgassing. The best thing for you is that it is temporary and harmless.

Best for

The Original Purple mattress has a unique design. One consequence of that is having an unusual array of sleepers loving it. Consider yourself one of them if you are on the following list:

Back sleepers tend to love it as it has their preferred medium firmness.

Heavy side sleepers enjoy sleeping on the purple mattress thanks to its pressure relieving properties.

Hot sleepers also have a great experience with the purple mattress. So, if you are someone who wants to sleep on a foam mattress but don’t want to wake up looking like you’ve just been to the gym, this is the mattress for you.

Brief Comparison

No mattress review is complete without some friendly comparisons with a couple peers (Don’t worry, it won’t turn out to be a Boxing Day test match). Here we go:

vs. Casper

Casper and Purple are very different mattresses. While both are foam mattresses, the similarities stop at that. 

Casper is all-foam while the Original Purple mattress boasts a unique Purple Grid. 

Casper has a Zoned Support System which is firmer at the middle (where back, hips and shoulders are present) and softer at the peripheries (under the head and feet). 

The Original Purple mattress, however, has a squishy firm nature that responds to areas of pressure while remaining firm elsewhere.

The Casper mattress is also slightly firmer than the Original Purple mattress.

Prices are largely similar, though.

People who like a balanced mattress feel and are back or stomach sleepers should prefer the Casper mattress. Similarly, people with back pain issues should also consider it. However, if you are a hot side or back sleeper and looking for a durable mattress, the Original Purple mattress is the stuff of your dreams.

Result: Draw

vs. Tuft and Needle

This is also an interesting match-up. The Tuft and Needle mattress is also fundamentally different to the Original Purple mattress on many counts.

The Original Purple mattress has a gel Purple Grid while the Tuft and Needle has an Adaptive foam layer with a balanced feel.

The Purple mattress is much more breathable than the Tuft and Needle mattress. Hot sleepers would prefer it.

Similarly, heavy side sleepers should prefer the Purple product whereas lighter side sleepers tend to opt for its Tuft and Needle counterpart. 

Couples and people on a tight budget should favour the Tuft and Needle mattress due to its motion isolation and cheaper rates.

Finally, while both offer the same trial and warranty periods, the Original Purple mattress wins the durability contest.

Result: Purple

Pros and Cons

Now that we have completely dissected each and every aspect of the Original Purple mattress, let’s sum it all up with a breakdown of, both, its compliments and criticism:


  • Unique design that combines firmness with pressure relief.
  • Excellent temperature regulation.
  • Good edge support.
  • Loved by back and heavy side sleepers.
  • 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.


  • A little expensive for people on a tight budget.
  • Not suitable for very heavy sleepers (over 300 pounds).
  • Bad choice for couples due to motion transference.


Let’s answer some of the most popular questions about the Purple mattress.

Is the Purple mattress any good?

Yes, the Original Purple mattress is very good. It has a unique design that combines firmness with softness. It offers pressure relief in combination with spinal support. This also comes with excellent breathability and temperature regulation.

Heavy side sleepers and back sleepers, in particular, enjoy it quite a bit.

Plus, all of these credentials are backed by CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications.

That it comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period never really comes to attention because you can’t even think of parting with it.

Can you flip the Purple mattress?

The Purple mattress isn’t supposed to be flipped. If you do so, you’ll have to sleep on the firmer base which may affect the level of comfort and the quality of your sleep.

Where can I buy a Purple mattress?

The Purple mattress can be bought at both physical stores and online. Just like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, the delivery is free. If you’d like to visit a store and see it for yourself, you can use the store finder on the website to find a retailer near you. Happy shopping!

How long does it take for a Purple mattress to expand?

It doesn’t take long for the Purple mattress to expand. Once you take it out of the box and remove the plastic covering, it’ll inflate right before your very eyes in just 30 minutes. After that, you can do as you please and have the best nap of your life.

Does the Purple mattress need a box spring?

No. As a matter of fact, a box spring can interfere with its performance and leads to the voiding of the warranty due to the risk of indentations. The company suggests the use of a firm and on-spring surface. You can use an adjustable bed frame or a box foundation. If slats are used, they should be 3 inches (or less) apart.

How to return a Purple mattress?

The Original Purple mattress offers a standard 100-night trial period with a minimum period of 21 nights to allow your body to adjust before any return or exchange. If you still don’t feel comfortable sleeping on the mattress after 21 days, you can reach customer care service at 888-848-2305 to initiate a return. The price of the purchase is refunded. You are also allowed to make one exchange.

How to clean a Purple mattress?

While it may have taken the second coming of Einstein to conceive of its design, the Purple mattress isn’t really all that hard to clean.

You should begin with stripping it of all the removable accessories such as sheets, covers and pillows. Next up, you should vacuum the surface and spot clean. Then, cover it with baking soda and let it sit a while. Vacuum it up again and air it out for a few hours. That’s it, you’re good to go.

What is the weight limit on the Purple mattress?

The Purple mattress is capable of bearing 300 pounds per person (and 600 pounds for couples). Such individuals should invest in firmer mattresses.

Is Purple mattress dangerous?

The Purple mattress is totally safe. The Purple Grid itself is made of food contact-grade materials. The foam layers hold the CertiPUR-US certification. Hence, the VOCs and heavy metals are virtually non-existent.

The Flame Barrier has no added chemicals and holds a GREENGUARD GOLD certification, as well.

All in all, it is a safe mattress to sleep on.

Why is Purple mattress so expensive?

Mattresses with unique and original designs tend to be more expensive than their typical counterparts. The Purple mattresses are as innovative as they get. Nevertheless, they are still priced only slightly above average in the foam mattress bracket and aren’t the most expensive foam mattresses by a long shot. They offer great value and are worth every cent spent.

Is Purple mattress good for back pain?

The Original Purple mattress is a good option for you if you have back pain issues. The mattress softens under the pressure points and remains firm elsewhere. This is augmented by its spinal support that ensures neutral alignment. This combination of firmness and softness is hard to find and is a big plus for such people.

Final words

The Original Purple mattress is a breathtaking combination of innovation and comfort. Its consistent support, sublime feel and unusual ease add to the overall package. The growing popularity it enjoys is well-deserved. As always, sleep tight!

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