Sleeping Duck Mattress Review [September 2023]


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The Sleeping Duck mattress is a highly rated, Australian hybrid mattress that offers a variety of custom firmness settings. Its multi-layered breathable foam combines satisfying comfort with spine-stabilizing support. An overwhelming number of Sleeping Duck mattress reviews by customers testify to its growing popularity. 

Here is our in-depth review of this new contender for the top spot.

The Build of Sleeping Duck Mattresses

The Sleeping Duck mattresses are made up of four layers. The uppermost is a covering layer with the lower three providing support and comfort. Let’s briefly discuss them here:

  • Bamboo Cover: The increasingly popular bamboo fabric forms a cover over the mattress. It is silky smooth and very comfortable. Its breathability gives a dry and cool sleep. Interestingly, the bamboo top is also anti-microbial which is perfect for the Australian climate.
  • Hyper Adaptive Foam. It is the uppermost comfort and support layer that combines latex and memory foam. The result is that you get the best of both worlds; the support of latex and the comfort of memory foam. Interestingly, it is also 8 times more breathable than these two materials.
  • Customizable High-Density Foam: This, right here, is the biggest selling point of Sleeping Duck mattresses, its raison d’être, if you will. It is a GECA-approved high-density foam that is available in multiple firmness levels. The modular, customizable nature of the mattress is based on this layer alone. Moreover, you can also use foam pieces of different firmness levels to suit different body parts. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • 5 Zone Pocket Springs: This last layer is made up of 5 zones of pocket springs that work independently to support your body weight with negligible partner disturbance and optimum hip and shoulder support.

Available Sizes in Sleeping Duck Mattresses

The Sleeping Duck mattress comes in all the popular sizes. Here is a list of them all:

  • King (203×183×31 cm)
  • Queen (203×153×31 cm)
  • Double (188×138×31 cm)
  • King Single (203×107×31 cm)
  • Single (188×92×31 cm)

Thickness and Weight of Sleeping Duck Mattresses

As discussed above, the Sleeping Duck mattress comes in all popular sizes. Here are the weights and thicknesses for all those types:

  • King (31 cm, 60 kg)
  • Queen (31 cm, 48 kg)
  • Double (31 cm, 42 kg)
  • King Single (31 cm, 35 kg)
  • Single (31 cm, 32 kg)

Sleeping Duck Mattress Quality

Sleeping Duck uses GECA-certified foam. This means that high standards of quality and low hazardous chemical quantity are maintained. Most sleepers and reviewers applaud its strength and quality. However, as it is a newer company, there are concerns about its durability.

How Firm is the Sleeping Duck Mattress?


Image Credit: Sleeping Duck Mattress

The Sleeping Duck mattress provides its admirers with customizable firmness levels. Initially, you can select one of the two following settings:

  • Medium: This setting scores a 6/10 on the firmness scale. It dips a little but is still very supportive. Medium firmness is preferred by side sleepers.
  • Firm: This setting scores an 8/10. Back sleepers tend to prefer it for its good level of support.

The company advises its customers to give themselves and their mattresses 21 days to adjust to each other. With Sleeping Duck, an overwhelming majority of people never report a problem. After this initial 3-week period, you can ask the company to increase or decrease the firmness turning your mattress soft (4/10) or extra-firm (9.5/10).

Similarly, you can also ask for selective areas, such as the one under your back and hips, to have firmer foam.

Half-Half Firmness

This unique customization option allows couples to have different firmness settings for themselves. Along with the minimum partner disturbance feature, this makes the Sleeping Duck mattress an ideal option if you have some to share your bed with.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Price and Discount Codes

The following are Sleeping Duck mattress prices for different sizes:

Size Price
King $1599
Queen $1449
Double $1149
King Single $899
Single $799

Delivery and Unpacking of the Sleeping Duck Mattress

The Sleeping Duck has a good customer support department reflected by its amazing delivery service.

Delivery service

Once an order is placed, you receive a confirmation email to that effect. Then, within 1 or 2 business days, the product is sent on its way from either the Sydney or the Melbourne warehouse. You also get an email notifying you of that. The deliveries are done from Monday to Friday (8 am-6 pm).

You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been placed. Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse you will receive an email with delivery information.

The courier will attempt to make delivery once your order reaches your area. If someone is not home to accept delivery, the courier will leave a card to notify you of the missed delivery. You can, then, contact the courier to organize the delivery for a day which suits you. However, it is important to note that the delivery is made only to your doorstep (or ground floor of a multi-story building).

The delivery times for different regions are as follows:

  • Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Adelaide: Within 5 business days.
  • Brisbane: Within 6 business days.
  • Greater Victoria and Greater NSW: Within 7 business days.
  • Perth, Fremantle, Hobart, and Launceston: Within 10 business days.

Outside of these areas, the delivery can take up to 14 business days. International readers are advised to note that the Sleeping Duck only delivers within Australia at the moment.

Delivery charges: free


Unpacking a Sleeping Duck mattress is as easy as opening a pack of crisps. You only need to do the following:

  1. Open the box
  2. Put the rolled-up mattress on the bed.
  3. Unroll it and take off the plastic cover.
  4. Nothing else. It’s just that simple.

Just wait 72 hours for it to reach its expanded dimensions.

Assembling the Sleeping Duck Mattress?

The Sleeping Duck mattress falls in the mattress-in-a-box category. However, it does not need to be assembled. These mattresses undergo vacuum compression and are reduced to ⅕ of their expanded size. Once unpacked and unrolled, they take up to 72 hours to reach the normal and fully-expanded dimensions.

How Does it Feel to Sleep on a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

Most customers describe their sleep on the Sleeping Duck mattress as their best ever. Many even credit it with providing relief from back pain (which is related to insomnia). Similarly, couples appreciate its minimum partner disturbance feature. However, some stomach sleepers did find it too firm for their comfort.

Nevertheless, if you are a side or back sleeper, it is a match made in heaven. It is also a great option for hybrid mattress enthusiasts.

Comfort Level

As the Sleeping Duck mattresses offer easy and customizable firmness adjustment, most sleepers report a comfortable sleep. Its superior foam quality, an innovative mix of support and comfort, and breathability have contributed to the raving reviews it gets for overall comfort.

The Longevity of the Sleeping Duck Mattress

The Sleeping duck mattress has a high-quality foam which ensures durability. The company provides you with a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty for the mattress. However, this does not cover general wear and tear, discoloration, and any odors. For any inquires related to the warranty, you can contact the company at 1800 667 196 or

Do Sleeping Duck Mattresses Smell?

Yes, there is a detectable smell associated with the new mattress. However, that dissipates within 72 hours. That funny smell is actually off-gassing and is related to the mattress expanding to its full size. The Sleeping Duck mattress has GECA certification which means that dangerous chemicals and VOCs are in minimum quantities. It is not dangerous for normal people.

Who Should Buy the Sleeping Duck Mattress?

According to Sleeping Duck mattress reviews, it is great for a variety of sleepers. The variable firmness adjustment system is the reason for its growing popularity. However, stomach and very light sleepers find it too hard for them to have a comfortable sleep. Nevertheless, most side and back sleepers love its combination of comfort, firmness, and support. Similarly, many people with back or hip pain report relief. 

All in all, the Sleeping Duck is a combination of the past and present, tradition and innovation, and has wide acceptance among a variety of sleepers.

Brief Comparison with Other Top Brands

Let us, now, briefly compare the Sleeping Duck mattress with a few other top brands.

Sleeping Duck vs Ergoflex:

Ergoflex gives you a dense and durable memory foam with contouring being its most-loved feature. Back sleepers tend to like it but many others find it too firm. It has a 10-year warranty, a 30-night trial period, and is cheaper than the Duck. Delivery is free.

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Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

Ecosa mattress is a unique all-foam mattress in the sense that it provides you with adjustable firmness levels. No other foam mattress has this feature. Still, stomach and side sleepers sometimes find it too firm. It is cheaper than the Sleeping Duck with a 15-year warranty and a 100-night trial period. Delivery is free.

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Sleeping Duck vs Koala

Koala mattresses have a unique Kloudcell foam technology providing both support and comfort. They are well-liked by all kinds of sleepers. However, there are concerns about its durability and lack of edge support. It is cheaper than the Sleeping Duck mattresses with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night trial period. Delivery is free.

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Pros and Cons of the Sleeping Duck Mattress

Like every product, the Sleeping Duck mattress has its good pros and cons. They are listed as follows:


  • Variable (modular) firmness system
  • Comfort and spinal support
  • Superior foam quality
  • Minimum partner disturbance
  • Good value for money
  • 10-year warranty


  • Off-gassing smell
  • Too firm for stomach sleepers


So, there you have it! In this article, we tried reviewing Sleeping Duck, one of the most famous mattresses in the Australian market.

In this section, we’ll be answering some of the most commonly asked questions about this mattress.

Are Sleeping Duck mattresses any good?

Sleeping Duck mattresses are ideal for selective sleepers who prefer hybrid mattresses. Most back and side sleepers have expressed satisfaction. However, some stomach sleepers find it too firm for their comfort.

How long before I can sleep on my Sleeping Duck mattress?

You don’t have to wait very long to sleep on the Sleeping Duck mattress. Once it is fully expanded, which can take up to 72 hours, you can use it as you please. However, it may take you and the mattress up to 21 days to adjust to each other.

Can you flip a Sleeping Duck mattress?

It is actually recommended to rotate the Sleeping Duck mattress. For the first 6 months, the company advises you to flip it once every month. After that, you should flip it a few times per year.

Which mattress is better: Koala or Sleeping Duck?

The Koala mattress boasts a unique Kloudcell technology with breathable and soft (yet supportive) foam. It is also cheaper than the Sleeping Duck mattress. However, the Sleeping Duck mattress has extraordinary customization options available for you. It is great for side and back sleepers. It may be more expensive but gives you good value for your money.

Where to buy the Sleeping Duck mattress?

The Sleeping Duck mattress is only delivered within Australia and can be ordered online at

How heavy is the Sleeping Duck mattress?

The Sleeping Duck mattress weighs differently for different sizes as listed below:

  • King (60 kg)
  • Queen (48 kg)
  • Double (42 kg)
  • King Single (35 kg)
  • Single (32 kg)

How to clean Sleeping Duck mattress?

The Sleeping Duck mattress can be cleaned using warm soapy water on the bamboo fabric cover layer. Always dry it out completely afterward. However, if a stain is unremovable or the bamboo cover is damaged, you can buy a new one very easily.

How to return the Sleeping Duck mattress?

If you are one of those rare people who find that the Sleeping Duck mattress just isn’t for you, you can simply return it for a full refund or replacement within the 100-night trial period. Just contact the company and they will take the mattress away for free. Admirably, returned mattresses are either donated to charity or recycled.


The Sleeping Duck mattress, with its great customization options, is a great choice for most sleepers and couples. It is also great for those who have chronic pain. However, some people find it too firm. All in all, it is a great option for all the mattress shoppers out there. Sleep tight!

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