Onebed Mattress Review [September 2023]


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The mattress market is being flooded by new brands and products seemingly every day. The mattress-in-a-box variety that has carved out for itself a significant fan base. Among many options in this category, the Onebed mattress has emerged as a strong contender for the title of the best.

Most people spend nearly a third of their lives asleep. As a result, buying a mattress is a significant investment and a decision that should be well informed. Luckily for you, we are going to discuss one of the best mattresses in the market right here, right now. Let’s get into it.

The Feel of the Onebed Mattress

That largely depends on your sleeping position. As the Onebed mattress has a medium firmness, it is well-liked by a variety of sleepers. Most side and back sleepers seem to enjoy it the most. However, some stomach sleepers don’t find it firm enough. Nevertheless, its comfortable yet supportive and cool yet contouring feel is responsible for all the adulation it has received. 

Materials used in the Onebed Mattress

The Onebed mattress is a multi-layered memory foam and latex hybrid that uses a unique layering to suit a variety of sleepers. Its upper Dunlop latex layer is responsive to your body and also makes for a cool surface. Under it is the memory foam layer that provides spinal support. Beneath it all lies polyurethane foam that supports your weight. To wrap all of it is a plush polyester cover. Simply put, the Onebed mattress is made from premium quality materials that work very well together and give you a good night’s sleep.

Weight and Thickness

The Onebed mattress weighs 38 kilograms. Its (Onebed Original) thickness, which is consistent across all sizes, is 26 cm or 10 inches. Some may think that it is not thick enough but a mattress’s firmness matters more than its thickness.

Onebed Mattress Sizes

Onebed mattress is available in all popular mattress sizes. As it is a mattress-in-a-box, box sizes have also been given.

  • Single: 92cm x 188cm x 26cm

          (Box: 45cm x 47cm x 104cm)

  • King Single: 107cm x 204cm x 26cm

          (Box: 45cm x 47cm x 104cm)

  • Double: 138cm x 188cm x 26cm

          (Box: 45cm x 47cm x 104cm)

  • Queen: 153cm x 204cm x 26cm

          (Box: 45cm x 47cm x 104cm)

  • King: 183cm x 204cm x 26cm

          (Box: 45cm x 47cm x 104cm)

There is no one size that fits all. Whereas a Single mattress may be perfect for a budding teen, a mother of 4 may prefer a King-sized mattress.

Unpacking and Delivery

It is very easy to unbox and unpack the Onebed mattress. As it is a mattress-in-a-box, all you have to do is open it up, remove the plastic cover, and unroll it. After that, it’ll inflate within a matter of seconds and be fit for use. Nevertheless, it is always wise to give it a few days to expand to its original, decompressed size.

With a direct-to-consumer model, the delivery process is also fairly simple. Once you place an order, you receive an estimated delivery time. Usually, the delivery is free. However, subject to your availability and location, some delivery charges may be incurred. That only happens with your consent. Moreover, estimated delivery times are in business days. They don’t include public holidays and weekends.

Onebed Mattress Price and Discounts

Here are the updated prices for different sizes:

King Mattress: $1199 (currently $799)

Queen Mattress: $1099 (currently $799)

Double Mattress: $899 (currently $799)

King Single Mattress: $799

Single Mattress: $799

Multi-layered Structure

Let’s get into a bit of detail about its structure and design so that we can know about what makes the Onebed mattress so good.

  • Polyester fabric cover: This wraps up all of the layers of the mattress. It is made of a poly-blend that feels soft and plush. Additionally, the cover is removable and washable.
  • Dunlop latex layer: This layer is highly responsive and provides a slight bounce. Its naturally cooling properties ensure a cool sleep.
  • Visco-elastic memory foam: This memory foam layer provides contouring to your body and gives your hips and spine pressure relief.
  • Polyurethane base: The thick, high-density polyurethane base layer gives the mattress all of its strength and durability. Moreover, it also supports the sleeper’s weight.

Customizable Firmness

You can also shuffle these layers for a firmer or softer feel. This customizable firmness gives the Onebed mattress a significant edge over traditional mattresses.

Onebed Mattress’ Suitability to Australian Climate


Credit: Onebed

Usually, foam mattresses are known to accumulate heat. However, in the Onebed mattress, the naturally cooling Dunlop latex layer is the first surface to come in contact with a sleeper. Moreover, the sleeper is never in contact with the memory foam layer. This allows for a cooler sleep. These features are very important to people living in hot and steamy climates like Australia’s. Hence, the Onebed mattress is a good choice for Australian customers.

Who is the Onebed Mattress Best for?

The Onebed mattress, with its medium firmness, is a great choice for side and back sleepers. However, stomach sleepers may find it too soft. Its minimal partner disturbance makes it a good option for couples as well. Finally, thanks to the Dunlop latex layer, it is breathable and gives a naturally cool feel. This is great for the steamy Australian summers.

The longevity of the Onebed Mattress

The Onebed mattress is a very durable mattress with a limited warranty of 15 years (Onebed Original). Any defective part is repaired and replaced by the company without any charge to the customer for the first claim. For subsequent claims, the buyer is charged up to 30% of the retail price for the handling and processing fee. Nevertheless, Onebed mattress is made with premium quality materials that are durable and stand the test of time.

Off-Gassing Smell

A new mattress does have an odor to it but it is not dangerous in the least. The smell is actually due to the off-gassing phase of the new mattress. It goes away in less than a week. This process can be hastened by improving the room’s ventilation or by putting the mattress in the open air. The most important thing is that it is non-toxic and temporary.

Onebed vs Koala Mattress 

Both products are largely comparable. Both are mattress-in-a-box variety. They have similar prices, trial periods, and delivery fees (free). Both are medium-firm and preferred by back and side sleepers. However, Onebed eclipses Koala with its 15-year warranty. Nevertheless, Koala has uniquely breathable Kloudcell technology, provides great comfort and support, and has a rabid fan base. It would be unfair to give precedence to one over the other.

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Pros and Cons 

Let’s summarise both the upsides and the downsides of the Onebed mattress:


  1. Pressure relief
  2. Gentle bounce
  3. Cool sleep
  4. Customizable firmness
  5. 15-year warranty


  1. Too firm for some lightweight sleepers
  2. Medium firmness is unsuited to many stomach sleepers.


Let’s look at some of the commonest questions about Onebed:

Where is Onebed made?

Onebed is an Australian company launched in 2015. It manufactures its mattresses in both Australia and China and stores them in its warehouses in Australia. Being a mattress-in-a-box with a direct-to-consumer model, it deliveries its mattresses to your doorstep free of charge.

What is the best mattress in Australia?

With all things considered, the Sleeping Duck mattress is the best mattress in Australia. It is a hybrid mattress with uniquely adjustable firmness settings that has been recognized by CHOICE and awarded by Good Design Award. Its unique HyperAdaptive foam is 8 times more breathable than latex or memory foam while also being very supportive due to the 5 zone pocket springs. Simply put, this mattress is not only Australian-made, it is made for Australia.

What is the best mattress in a box?

The Nectar mattress is the best mattress-in-a-box. It consists of three pressure-relieving layers of memory foam supported by a high-density foam base. All kinds of sleepers have reported excellent quality of sleep. Moreover, it is also great for couples. Finally, the low price, lifetime warranty, and 365-day warranty seal the deal. It is, hands down, the best mattress-in-a-box currently on the market.

Are mattresses in a box worth it?

Mattress-in-a-box has exploded in popularity in recent years. The variety, convenience of delivery, and generous free trials have made it extremely popular. Most importantly, the direct-to-consumer model has brought down prices significantly with no compromise on the quality itself. These mattresses have consistently scored high marks for stability and durability. However, as with everything else, they have their downsides too. You cannot “try before you buy”. They also need supportive bed frames such as a platform. Finally, some people have complained that it sleeps a little too hot and also about the off-gassing smell. Nevertheless, they have found widespread acceptance across the market and are a solid choice for any and all mattress buyers.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, the Onebed mattress is among the best mattresses in the mattress-in-a-box category. Its customizable firmness, supportive comfort, and affordable price make it an attractive option for many customers. Sleep tight!

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