Eva Mattress Review [September 2023]

Eva Mattress

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In a hailstorm of new mattress brands that seem to come out every day, it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad, the best from the rest, and the great from the not-so-great. This Eva mattress review is a step in that direction.

Eva Mattress Structure

The Eva mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress with a hybrid composition that is usual for this class of mattresses as they are mostly all-foam.

It boasts a superior and enduring quality owing to its pristine design and exceptional build that is second to none and first among equals.

Let’s pull back the curtain (or the sheets, in this case) and see for ourselves what makes the Eva Mattress so great: 

Gel-infused memory foam

Our tour starts off with a bang as the top layer is composed of memory foam with an infusion of gel beads. While the memory foam provides you with customized contouring, the gel beads dissipate heat and keep you cool.

Latex layer

A layer of natural latex underlays the memory foam. This layer adds responsiveness and pressure relief to the overall feel. The open-cell design adds breathability and flexibility. Its anti-microbial nature and hypoallergenicity is also a win for sensitive individuals.

High-density foam

Under the latex layer, a high-density foam adds firmness and support to the mattress. It holds up the layers above it and evenly distributes weight.

Five zone pocket springs

The pocket springs are wrapped with the fabric individually, allowing them to act as discrete units. This zoning reduces motion transfer associated with traditional spring mattresses. The layer is also involved in pressure relief and adds bounce to the mattress. Several large springs along the borders improve edge support too.

To top it all off, a breathable mattress cover surrounds all of the structure.

Eva Mattress Size and Dimension

The Eva mattress is available in all the popular sizes. They, along with their dimensions, are listed below:

  • Single (92cm x 188cm)
  • King Single (107cm x 203cm)
  • Double (138cm x 188cm)
  • Queen (153cm x 203cm)
  • King (183 x 203cm)

Weight and Thickness

The Eva mattress is significantly heavier than its (average) counterparts. It climbs to 55 kilograms on the weight scale.

Unpacking and moving it around can be a bit of a chore. You’d be better off with someone helping you with it. 

We suggest you place it on the bed base before removing its packaging.

The Eva mattress has several (additional) comfort and supports layers. These add to the overall thickness which clocks in at 31 centimeters. It is these layers that perform specific functions to create its custom feel. The combination of support, pressure relief, and bounce aren’t the norm with most mattresses.

As for the effort that you’re going to have to put into setting it up, think of it as some much-needed exercise.


The Eva mattress is a high-quality hybrid mattress that comes with an affordable price tag. Its superior design and careful manufacturing ensure that you get the most bang out of your buck.

The foam layer is heat-tempered thrice. It holds the Certipur-US certification. The latex layer has a Class 1 OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Similarly, both the memory and support foam have SGS certification. These certifications ensure all the materials used are non-toxic.

Finally, the 12-year warranty and above-average 120-night trial period are both expressions of the company’s confidence in its product.


The Eva mattress has a 7/10 firmness. That makes it medium-firm to firm with a tilt towards the firmer side. This is the most popular firmness setting as it works well for a variety of sleepers.

It is preferred by stomach and back sleepers. But heavier individuals also tend to like it.

The side and lighter sleepers who need a bit of softness and sinking, don’t deem it as desirable as other sleepers do.

Price and Discount Codes

The Eva mattress is a hybrid mattress-in-a-box that offers great value to its customers. Most all-foam or springs mattresses are much more expensive.

Eva provides its customers with quality mattresses at affordable rates. Here is a summary:

  • Single: $600
  • King Single: $700
  • Double: $800
  • Queen: $900
  • King: $1000

Although the price tags are already pretty reasonable, the company regularly offers discount codes and coupons to give you your dream mattress at an unimaginably low price.

Delivery and Unpacking

Just like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Eva mattress is ordered online and has a direct-to-consumer model.

It’s delivered to your doorstep in a sealed box, free of cost throughout Australia (excluding the Northern Territory).

Here’s a summary of the delivery time for different areas:

  • Metro areas (Sydney, Perth Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide):

An order placed before 4 p.m. on a business day shall be delivered on the next business day.

  • Non metro areas:

For non-metro areas, the delivery can take anywhere from 1 to 8 business days.

  • VIC: 3 to 4 business days
  • TAS: 7 to 10 business days
  • ACT: 3 to 4 business days
  • NSW: 3 to 4 business days
  • SA: 3 to 4 business days
  • WA: 5 to 7 business days
  • QLD: 4 to 5 business days

The unpacking itself is a fairly straightforward affair. You just need to take the vacuum-compressed mattress out of the box and remove the plastic cover. 

Within a few seconds, it will inflate by itself to its normal size. You should give it a few hours for it to reach its optimum condition. After that, you are free to jump on it. 


There isn’t really much to the assembly of the Eva mattress. 

Once the mattress is delivered, all you have to do is to position it where you want it (be it on the floor or the bed base).

Next up, cut through the wrapping. The company even sends you a knife card to do that. (What more can you ask for?)

Finally, unroll it as if you were to unroll a carpet and remove the plastic cover. Within the next few minutes, you get the honor of witnessing its miraculous inflation. 

Give it a couple of hours and you’re free to enjoy it.

Quality of Sleep

With its five fantastic layers of foam, latex, and springs, the hybrid Eva mattress features the best of all worlds. It is supportive yet luxurious, conforming yet responsive. Many users have reported dramatic improvement in their quality of sleep.

The Eva mattress is medium-firm to firm, landing 7 on the firmness scale. People used to softer surfaces will find it firmer and vice versa.

This medium-firm feel works best for back and stomach sleepers. However, side sleepers don’t particularly enjoy its firmness. Moreover, heavier sleepers like the support they get but lighter individuals may find it too hard.

For people with mobility issues and the elderly, edge support is a big concern. Lackluster edge support gives you a hard time while getting out of bed. Thankfully, the Eva mattress has got you covered. It has strategically placed springs that ensure support while you sleep and prevent excessive sinking when you are sitting on the edge. Hence, getting up from the bed is no problem.

As a result of having the springs, the Eva mattress has significant motion transfer. That should be a point of concern for couples who don’t want to be bounced out of their bed when their partner takes aside.

Finally, and especially for our Australian readers, the Eva mattress boasts a cool and dry feel. Owing to its gel-infused memory foam, open cell technology, and pocket springs, heat is not retained and the temperature is regulated. That is a must for people living in hot and steamy climates.

Overall Comfort

In simple terms, the Eva mattress is the mattress of your dreams. It is neither soft nor hard, responsive but not saggy, durable yet affordable, and comfortable but not hot.


With its superior material and uncanny craftsmanship, the Eva mattress is going to be a stubborn member of your household. It has a 12-year warranty and holds numerous recognized certifications such as from Certipur-US and OEKO-Tex.

You can depend on it being durable and if by any chance, there is some dip or defect, the company has a solid return policy.


Yes, just like most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Eva mattress gives off a new mattress smell. This is due to the off-gassing phase and is comparable with the smell of a freshly painted car. But worry not, it is non-toxic and temporary. The smell goes away in a few days.

You are advised to open your windows (or air your mattress).

Best for

With a firmness rating of 7/10, the Eva mattress is a bit firmer than medium-firm. This is comfortable for back, stomach and heavier sleepers. However, lighter and side sleepers don’t enjoy it that much.

It is also good for people living in hotter regions because of its breathable and cool nature.


Being a top mattress brand, on the back of excellent reviews, let’s find out how it measures up with others in the same league.

Eva vs. Noa

Both the Eva and Noa mattresses are premium products and are, largely, tied in dead heat. 

Both have comparable structures and similar prices. Warranties and sleep trials are also quite similar (12:15, 120:100). Shipping is free for both. 

Both are medium-firm (although Eva mattress is a little firmer). Back sleepers will find both satisfactory.

If given the choice, stomach sleepers would prefer the Eva mattress while side sleepers would opt for the Noa mattress.

On the downside, the Noa mattress is still too firm for some. Similarly, the motion isolation of the Eva mattress is decent but not the best.

Winner: Tie

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Eva vs. Koala

The Eva and Koala mattress have significant fundamental differences. The Eva mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines comfort with support while the Koala mattress is an all-foam.

The Koala mattresses are also considerably more expensive than the Eva mattresses.

Both have similar firmness levels but the Koala mattress is better for side sleepers while the slightly firmer Eva mattress should be preferred by stomach sleepers. Many people report that the Koala mattress sleeps hot. This makes the much cooler Eva mattress preferable to people in hotter climates. 

The Koala mattress is better for couples due to its motion isolation.

The warranties (Eva: Koala, 12:10) and trial periods are comparable (120:120). People looking for firmer, cheaper and cooler mattresses should prefer the Eva mattress.

Winner: The Eva mattress

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Pros and Cons

Here are the upsides and downsides of this remarkable mattress:


They are as follows:

  • Multi-layered hybrid structure
  • Affordable price
  • Very good for hot climates (cooling technologies)
  • Suited to the stomach, heavy and back sleepers
  • Pressure relief
  • Great for couples (motion isolation)
  • Useful for people with mobility issues (edge support)


They are as follows:

  • Light and side sleepers can find it uncomfortable.


Let’s look at some of the commonest questions about the Eva mattress.

Are Eva mattresses any good?

Yes, the Eva mattresses are all good. Their hybrid structure produces a blend of comfort, coolness, and support. They are made of non-toxic and safe materials. All of this is available at a very affordable price. 

Where is Eva mattress made?

Although Eva is an Australian company, its mattresses are manufactured in Foshan, China. The quality and safety standards are strictly maintained.

Where to buy Eva mattress?

The best place to buy the Eva mattress is from its website.

The company regularly gives out discount codes that make the already affordable mattress unimaginably cheap.

How does Eva mattress work?

The secret of the Eva mattress lies in its hybrid structure that offers comfort, contouring, and support. The gel-infused memory foam gives you coolness and contouring. The latex layer adds responsiveness and hypoallergenicity. The dense foam bears and distributes weight while the zoned springs add support and heat dissipation.

The overall package is a durable, dependable, and breathable mattress that is both affordable and well-liked by a multitude of sleepers.


The Eva mattress is one of the best mattresses on the market. Its hybrid structure distinguishes it within the bed-in-a-box class. It provides amazing comfort and a fraction of the price that its counterparts demand. Simply put, buying one is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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