Regal Mattress Review: How Regal is it

Sleeping is among our most essential bodily functions. We, practically, spend a third of our lives dozing off. A lack of sleep impairs cognitive abilities and also affects physical well-being. For people who want to sleep like kings, maybe, the Regal mattress will prove to be just the answer they need.

The Regal Sleep Solutions company offers multiple mattress series to choose from. They include but are not limited to, the Wellness Range, Vitality Range, and Exquisite Range. While you are well within your rights to choose any one of them, the Exquisite mattresses are most popular and hold the best-seller status. These include Exquisite Classic mattress, Exquisite Firm mattress, and Exquisite Plush mattress.

In this article, as your reliable mattress guide, we shall discuss the Regal Sleep Solutions Exquisite Range. We’ll go over all of the important features such as pricing, comfort, and construction. Finally, after getting to know all of its upsides and downsides, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

Why Regal Sleep Solutions?

There are dozens of mattress brands out there in the market. Many of them are bigger and much more modern companies. Why should you, then, consider Regal Sleep Solutions?

Here are some solids reasons for that:

Market Mainstay

It seems that the mattress market is introduced to a new entrant every other day. The industry has never experienced a ‘baby boom’ as big and diverse as it has in the past decade. In the midst of an ever-changing landscape, it is always reassuring to see a familiar name, a company that is, at least, older than guarantees it gives out for its mattresses. 

The Regal Sleep Solutions is one such family-owned company. It has been around since 1980.

When you buy a mattress from them, you know that they are here to stay. That instills a great deal of trust in a wavering customer. Their reputation, as the saying goes, precedes them.


Unlike the new online mattress brands, Regal Sleep Solutions provides you with an array of options. You have different collections and series to choose from. As a result, most of the customers are able to find a mattress that suits them which is no mean feat.

Free Trial Period

Choosing a mattress can be a daunting task. Even after they have made the purchase, many customers are still not sure how the mattress will actually turn out.

In such a situation, it is always helpful to have a free trial option to give you a sense of security.

It is also true that most companies, these days, provide free trials. But what puts the Regal Sleep Solutions mattresses far above its competitors is that it comes with a 365-night trial period, something that is virtually unheard of. Most companies provide you with a 100-night trial period, at best. This baby gives you 4 times as long to adjust.

In the rare case that you still feel unsatisfied after it, the company pays you back 100% of your money. It just doesn’t get better than that.


Most mattress manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty to their customers which is the industry standard. The Regal Sleep Solutions goes beyond that with its 15-year warranty for its mattresses.

This reflects the confidence that the company has in its products. It is also suggestive of the high quality of the materials used in the construction.


While it is certainly sleep-friendly, Regal Sleep Solutions is also a big supporter of the environment. Its mattresses are constructed by only using the foams with GECA certification.

This ensures eco-friendliness which helps you to play a part in securing the future of our next generations on our only planet.

Now, let’s find out how the best-selling Exquisite mattresses match up to your expectations.

Reasons for Choosing the Exquisite Series

While Regal Sleep Solutions offers multiple mattress series, the Exquisite mattress collection is truly exquisite. That is why it is the best-selling series for the brand.

The three mattresses in this series have similar designs and construction. Most users attest to the bounce, breathability, and comfort they offer. Many reports improved sleep quality. We shall discuss all these factors and more in the following sections.

Exquisite Plush Mattress

Regal Exquisite Plush Mattress

Credit: Regal Sleep

Let’s kick off the proceedings with the softer option in this series — the Exquisite Plush mattress. We shall look at it in considerable detail.


The Exquisite Plush mattress is constructed with quality materials. But what really makes this mattress stand out is its exquisite design. Here are all the layers listed just as they are arranged in the mattress itself:

  • Breathable comfort layer — reduces heat retention and improves temperature regulation to give you a cool and dry sleep.
  • 2 layers of hypersoft quilting foam add a kind of luxurious softness to the overall feel. They don’t call it the Exquisite Plush mattress for nothing, after all.
  • Flexible active comfort foam is a comfort layer.
  • Gusset transfers stress and pressure.
  • Flexible active comfort foam is also a comfort layer.
  • Pocket spring insulator separates the layers above from the pocketed springs below.
  • Nested pocket springs are modified innersprings that give you the sought-after bounce with a significant reduction in the uncomfortable motion transfer.
  • Pocket spring insulator is also an insulating layer.
  • Flexible active comfort foam   is another comfort foam layer with which the structure is finished off.

As you can see, the mattress features an unusually large number of layers. Let’s see how well they work.

Quality of Sleep

Regal Exquisite Plush Mattress Quality of Sleep

Credit: Regal Sleep


This mattress gives you an improved quality of sleep. It is discussed as follows:

Temperature regulation: Exquisite Plush mattress is a great choice for humid climates and hot sleepers. It is very breathable and suits such climates and people perfectly.

Spinal support: While it is plush, there is no compromise on spinal support. Your spinal column is maintained in neutral alignment. This is good news for people with back pain issues.

Edge support: The considerable edge support makes this mattress a good choice for the elderly and people with limited mobility.

Motion isolation: Motion isolation is decent but not the best available.

Best For

The Exquisite Plush mattress should be preferred by people looking for softer surfaces. It is also a good option for side and back sleepers. Similarly, hot sleepers also tend to give this mattress a high score.

It is, however, more expensive than other comparable brands and people on a tight budget should steer clear of it. Similarly, people who need a firmer mattress (stomach and heavy sleepers) should also look for other options.

Pricing Summary

The pricing summary for the Exquisite Plush mattress is as follows:

  • Single: $1198. (Discount price)
  • King Single: $1450 (Discount price)
  • Long Single: $1450 (Discount price)
  • Double: $1550 (Discount price)
  • Queen: $1700 (Discount price)
  • King: $2000 (Discount price)
  • Super King: $2500 (Discount price)

Exquisite Firm Mattress

Regal Exquisite Firm Mattress review

                     Credit: Regal Sleep

The Exquisite Firm mattress combines a luxury, but firm, pillow top surface with a foundation under it that is also quite firm. Let’s have a look at its structure.


Regal Mattress Structure

Credit: Regal Sleep

Let’s find out how the Exquisite Firm mattress is constructed:

  • Breathable comfort layer
  • One layer of hypersoft quilting foam
  • Premium active comfort foam
  • Gusset
  • Flexible active comfort foam
  • Pocket spring insulator
  • Zoned pocket springs
  • Pocket spring insulator
  • Flexible active comfort foam

We haven’t gone into any detail about the structure as it is nearly identical to the Plush mattress discussed above. However, there is one important difference. This mattress features only a single soft quilting layer which adds to the overall firm feel of this mattress.

Quality of Sleep

This is how quality sleep is provided by this mattress:

Temperature regulation: The Exquisite Firm mattress is also very breathable and sleeps cool.

Spinal support: The innerspring coil bounce makes its presence felt. You feel a supportive force under you that holds up your weight and takes care of your spine.

Edge support: The firm nature of the mattress and the innersprings ensure strong edge support.

Motion transfer: The motion transfer is obvious but not bothersome.

Best For

Stomach and back sleepers enjoy the firmness of the mattress.

The excellent edge support is appreciated both by regular folks and the elderly.

Hot sleepers enjoy the cool feel of this exquisite mattress.

People looking for the sinking feeling of the memory foam and lighter individuals will be disappointed with this firm mattress.

Pricing Summary

Different sizes of the Exquisite Firm mattress are priced as follows:

  • Single: $1198 (Discount prices)
  • King Single: $1450 (Discount prices)
  • Long Single: $1450 (Discount prices)
  • Double: $1550 (Discount prices)
  • Queen:  $1700 (Discount prices)
  • King: $2000 (Discount prices)
  • Super King: $2500 (Discount prices) 

Needless to say, the prices aren’t the most attractive attribute of Regal Sleep Solutions mattresses. However, the company does offer massive discounts regularly that can make the mattresses more affordable for many people.

Exquisite Classic Double-sided Mattress

Credit: Regal Sleep

The last mattress in this series is called the Exquisite Classic mattress. It is double-sided and flippable. That gives you an additional option and improves durability.


Let’s find out how the Exquisite Classic mattress is constructed and what makes this double-sided mattress special (or not).

  • Breathable comfort layer
  • Hypersoft quilting foam
  • Flexible active comfort foam
  • Gusset
  • Pocket spring insulator
  • Zoned pocket springs
  • Pocket spring insulator
  • Gusset
  • Flexible active comfort foam
  • Hypersoft quilting foam
  • Breathable comfort layer

As it is a two-sided mattress, the layers, viewed from each side, are mirror images of one another. 

Quality of Sleep

Exquisite Classic Double-sided Mattress Quality of Sleep

Credit: Regal Sleep

The mattress offers quality sleep owing to the features listed as follows:

Edge support: This double-sided mattress is quite firm and has considerable edge support.

Spinal support: It is also quite supportive and bears all of the weight without sagging. Many sleepers with back pain report relief.

Temperature regulation: The breathable nature of the comfort layers on the top ensures heat dissipation and a cool sleeping experience.

Pressure relief: The lack of pressure relief is a concern for those looking for a hugging feeling for their joints and pressure points.

Best For

The firm nature of this mattress makes it a better choice for back and stomach sleepers.

Its breathability is a win for hot sleepers and people living in sticky and sweaty climates, not unlike Australia’s.

Pricing Summary

Here are the prices for different sizes of this double-sided mattress:

  • Long Single: $1450 (Discount prices)
  • Double: $1550 (Discount prices)
  • Queen: $1700 (Discount prices)
  • King: $2000 (Discount prices)
  • Super King: $2500 (Discount prices)

This model is available in fewer sizes, although the most popular ones have been covered.

Just like its companions in the Exquisite series, the Exquisite Classic mattress comes with a bigger price tag. However, unlike the other two mattresses, it has two sides available for use.

As a result, the wear and tear is divided between the two sides. Flipping them once every few months gives a breather to both. This ultimately results in prolonging the service life of the mattress.

Hence, higher prices, at least for the Exquisite Classic mattress may be well worth it. Moreover, with frequent discount offers, the deal may even become favorably attractive.


To sum up, the Regal Sleep Solutions Exquisite series mattresses are designed to cater to a variety of sleepers. They are a tried and tested brand that uses high-quality materials to ensure optimum comfort and maximum longevity.

The firm comfort of these mattresses is their major selling point with their high prices being the biggest downside. Nevertheless, customers can take advantage of the generous discount offers too.

We hope that this article helped you with choosing the best mattress for you.

As always, sleep tight!

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